Video Security

SOTEK Solutions can design and install a digital security surveillance system for your business that will meet your security needs and put eyes on every corner of your property. We utilize high-resolution security cameras that make use of network digital video recorders (NVR) that feed their recordings straight into a server on your own secure network or even to the cloud. Using video encoders, digital footage can be accessed remotely, even on mobile devices. This gives you and anyone else on your security team the freedom to check in on your business from anywhere. 

Advanced network cameras and video encoders with built-in intelligence and analytics can be programmed to record only what you want them to record. Using motions and light detectors to trigger recordings, you can set your security system to only record events. You can also program specific times to capture recordings or have the camera only record when the alarm is triggered. You can customize your security settings to give you as much or as little video recordings as you think you need to be safe.