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Hardware as a Service

Stay competitive with up-to-date technology


SOTEK Solutions offers a complete set of IT solutions for businesses. Given that IT hardware isn't expected to last forever, it can get costly to have to regularly replace it when it gets old or outdated. Hardware as a Service is a solution for companies that don't want to be saddled with the capital investment of updating their computer hardware. By offering Hardware as a Service (HaaS) to our clients, we can turn the capital expense of purchasing new hardware into an operational expense. By doing this we can make a substantial and positive difference in your company's bottom line.

Multitude of Options

There are so many different facets to an IT infrastructure, it's difficult to know what would be best for you and your company. SOTEK Solutions can relieve you of the headache of determining what would work best for your business. We can get your organization the servers, workstations, routers, switches or more that would best suit your needs. In allowing us to manage and service your hardware, we make sure it remains current and your software licensing is up-to-date without requiring you to take on a large degree of added debt.

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